Our Vehicles

We strive to exceed our renters' expectations by providing sanitized transportation with every trip. Our vehicles are hand delivered to you for an amazingly convenient experience. If you are in the Las Vegas or Atlanta area, book with us!!  



Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala is equipped with a Bose sound system, navigation, heated chocolate leather seats and so much more. 


Hyundai Palisade

This new Palisade is fully loaded with heated and cooling seats in the front and back. It includes a panoramic sunroof, navigation, and so much more.



Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Gas Prices too high? That's no problem, this new hybrid is a gas saver. It gets 41mpg on the highway. It comes equipped with navigation, heated and cooling seats, WIFI.


Toyota Camry

This beauty is fully loaded, the red leather interior makes anyone look luxurious behind the wheel. If it's a date night or a great event that you need to attend, this is the car for you.


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